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Your favorite Barre Workouts available whenever, and wherever, you want! Our Monthly Subscriptions offer a FREE 7-Day Trial, so you can try it before you buy it! Subscribers have access to our Video Library with our Signature Full Workouts (50-55 minutes) and our Express Workouts (30 minutes). Receive monthly additions as soon as they are available!

Where can you Barre you might ask?! Literally anywhere and everywhere! In your living room, bedroom, basement, hotel room or on vacation - use your imagination! Equipment needed is minimal - a yoga mat, sturdy chair, set of 2-3 lb weights, a 7.5in Pilates Ball and a water bottle (and perhaps a towel too)! You can watch our Online Workouts across the web and on all devices. You can also cast from your phone, tablet and laptop onto your TV through Airplay and Chromecast. Get the VHX app to sync content for offline viewing.

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    4 seasons

    Barre Where You Are's Online Workouts are designed for anyone to do Anywhere and Anytime! All you need is a sturdy chair, a yoga mat, a Pilates Bender Ball, set of light weights and a desire to get that Barre Body!
    Be sure to check out our Intro Video before starting our Barre workouts for termi...